Original WEiDASi electronic mosquito killer Bat RP-250

৳ 500

  • Kill mosquito or winged insect, and with LED lighting.
  • High rated capacity, more than 600mah.
  • High service life, Cycle charging more than 500 times.
  • After the electric mosquito swatter is stopped, the residual electricity on the net surface can be automatically eliminated.
  • Charge voltage: AC220V/50Hz; Work voltage about 2200V.
  • LED specifications: Use a long-life, ultra-high brightness energy-saving LED.


It is advisable to charge the bat for at least 2-4 hours before using it for the first time.

Battery charge: Put the plug perfectly into the socket (AC220v-50Hz) and keep charging for about 6-8 hours. Make sure the ON/OFF switch on the bat(handle) turned OFF.

Method to operate: Push the main switch to ON1 or ON2 direction, press the round button on. The handle a working indicator will light on. Flap and touch mosquito to shoot down. Once you stop pressing the round button working light will turn OFF. Remember to do not touch the wired netting immediately as the current will eliminate automatically after a while.

Method to operate LED torch: Push the main switch to ON2 direction.

Usage time: With fully charged battery you can use it for about 10 days for mosquito killing and 20 hours for lighting.

The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, keep it away from children.


When it is working wired netting was the high voltage of current running through it, please do not touch it directly or with any metal object.

Do not use it in place/locations near flammable gases or liquids to avoid any accident.

Turn OFF when you are not using it.

Please charge the battery in time, so as not to affect the service life.

Please don’t use it when charging, so as not to burn the power or the internal component of the power supply. The maximum charge time should not exceed 12 hours. If not used for a long time, charge once every 3 months, the time is more than 8 hours. Products should be stored in ventilated, dry relative humidity less than 80% around the non-corrosive chemicals.


Do not wash it in water or with a wet cloth to avoid short circuits or electrical shock can use a long hairbrush with a wooden handle to clean it or shake the bat (in the air). (Mosquito carcasses may cause metal mesh short circuit, danger mosquito swatter, please clear in time).

Please do not slap another hard object so as not to damage the net surface.


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