Thai Tamarind, Honey & Goat Milk Soap RP-125

৳ 250

  • Herbal saop
  • Tamarind, Honey & goat milk
  • ANTISEPTIC, Basic Cleaning, Whitening
  • Made in Thailand


Thai Tamarind & Goat Milk Soap
M.Macare Herbal Lightening Soap deterringacnes, wrinkles and aging. Ingredients : Tamarind Extracts, Goat’s MilkExtracts, AHA, Honey Goat milk contains lots of nutrients like fats, proteinsand other hormones that naturally benefit the skin.
Thai men and women have used this combination of herbs for many years as a natural cleanser in order to deep cleanse and purify your body, with a total skin exfoliation using natural fruit acid, which removes dead skin cells and whitens your complexion. Tamarind is a kind of herb that has been used for centuries in massages to aid the rejuvenation process. Tamarind nowadays is known as a natural AHA, clarify & brighten skin, regulate cell renewal, against free radicals. AHA in Tamarind promotes skin’s natural renewal process, revealing a smooth and supple skin cells.
Naturally it contains vitamin C, tartaric acid, polysaccharide and oxalic acid. Anti-oxidant Vitamin C shields skin from damage due to free radicals from the sun and pollutants. It helps cleanses the skin to feel refreshed, smooth, and supple. Tamarind is combined with native herbs to leave you feeling completely relaxed. Rich in AHA and a good exfoliation and skin smoother, Tamarind helps regulate cell renewal, pH balance, clarify and brighten skin. It is also very useful in curing burning sensation of the hands and feet during autumn and spring seasons.

Goat Milk
Goat milk contains lots of nutrients like fats, proteins and other hormones that naturally benefit the skin. The benefits of goat milk soap can be felt by people suffering from various skin conditions or those just wanting to maintain youthful, rejuvenated skin. Goat milk soap has a pH level similar to human skin; therefore, goat milk soap benefits the skin by protecting skin from daily bacterial and chemical invasions. The moisturizing benefits of goat milk soap surpass that of commercial soap because of the natural creams in goat’s milk. Goat milk soap benefits people with acne-prone skin because the proteins in milk kill acne-causing bacteria.

Honey is one of nature’s richest gifts and is beneficial to the body in many ways. On the skin, it acts as a natural humectant, which means it helps retain moisture, contributing to soft, supple skin. It can also be used instead of alpha hydroxyl masks because while it contains a high percent of acid, it is also gentle on the skin. Honey also has germ fighting qualities that make it a natural antiseptic, another important property to consider when cleansing your skin and combating disorders such as Acne .


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